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I am a seasoned editorial photographer with a proven track record, freelancing successfully in a highly competitive industry for 23 years.

After Graduating from The Arts Institute of Bournemouth my career began in the darkroom during the early days of The Independent newspaper.

I have worked in the arts, entertainment, corporate and sports sectors traveling globally to shoot editorial assignments for a wide variety of clients and publications.


1989-1991: Darkroom technician at The Independent.

1991-2001: Core contributor to IPC magazines photographing music and entertainment in the UK, Europe and United States.

2001-date: Photographer of sports and corporate events for national and regional newspapers, corporate clients, sports clubs and charities.

I am proud to be club photographer for Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord's

Client testimonials can be found in my linkedin page by clicking here, http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=127599687&trk=tab_pro#recommendations others are available on request.

Competitive day and half day rates are available for individuals and companies, please contact me for more information.


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If you are a picture editor who would like more information please drop me a line.